City of Kelowna

Regular Council Meeting


Meeting #:
Monday, March 21, 2016
1:30 P.m. - 4:00 P.m.
Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street

Visited1.Call to Order

This meeting is open to the public and all representations to Council form part of the public record.  A live audio and video feed is being broadcast and recorded by CastaNet and a delayed broadcast is shown on Shaw Cable.​

Visited4.1330 Davie Road, BL11203 (Z15-0062) - Carissa Kennedy & Jeremiah WeilerAttachment Icon

To adopt Bylaw No. 11203 in order to rezone the subject property to facilitate development of a carriage house.​

Visited5.12015 Development Summary ReportAttachment Icon
The purpose of this memo is to provide a summary of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional development in 2015, as measured by building permit issuances.
Visited5.22016-2030 Kelowna Fire Department Strategic PlanAttachment Icon
The purpose of the 2016-2030 Kelowna Fire Department Strategic Plan is to establish a framework to guide the Kelowna Fire Department (KFD), the City Executives, and the Mayor and Council over the next 14 years in the delivery of valued protective services to the citizens of Kelowna. The scope of this report includes a comprehensive analysis on all programs and services delivered by the KFD.
Visited5.3Kelowna Rapid Bus – Operations and Maintenance AgreementAttachment Icon
To allow the City to enter into a multi-agency partnership for the shared operation and maintenance of Rapid Bus infrastructure within the City of Kelowna jurisdiction
Visited5.5Dog Park Public Engagement ResultsAttachment Icon

To present the results of dog park public engagement which includes a statistically valid survey and an online feedback form, and to identify five potential off-leash dog parks and beaches as a priority for consultation.

Visited5.6Amendment to Miscellaneous Fees & Charges Bylaw No. 9381Attachment Icon
To receive Council consideration of the amendment to Bylaw No. 9381 in order to provide a means of recovering costs associated with the collection of traffic count data.
Visited5.7BL11200 - Amendment No. 7 to Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 9381Attachment Icon

To give Bylaw No. 11200 first, second and third readings in order to amend the City of Kelowna's Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Bylaw to provide a means for recovering costs associated with the collection of traffic count data.​