City of Kelowna
Public Hearing

Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street


I would like to acknowledge that we are gathered today on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the syilx/Okanagan people.

This evening, Council will hold both a Public Hearing and a Regular Meeting.

The purpose of the Hearing is to hear from the public on matters contained in the various bylaws which, if adopted, will amend Kelowna 2030 - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 10500 and Zoning Bylaw No. 8000.

After the close of the Public Hearing, Council will then debate and vote on the proposed bylaws at the Regular Meeting that follows.

Council has been provided with the information, correspondence, petitions or reports that have been received concerning the subject bylaws. This information is available to the public on the table in the foyer of Council Chamber. Reports are also available to the public online under Council at

For those in attendance this evening, or who have already submitted letters to Council, a reminder that this Hearing is open to the public and all representations to Council form part of the public record. A live audio feed may also be broadcast and recorded by Castanet.

Following the close of the Public Hearing, no further information from the applicant or members of the public will be accepted by Council.

To amend Section 7 of the Zoning Bylaw to introduce landscape buffering and screening requirements for properties adjacent to the Okanagan Rail Trail and to clarify the Minimum Landscape Buffer Treatment Level descriptions.

To consider a Text Amendment to the Zoning Bylaw to facilitate temporary farm worker housing for up to 70 temporary farm workers on the subject property, which would result in a total of up to 130 temporary farm workers for a single farm unit located within the same City Sector and increase the maximum ‘temporary farm worker housing footprint’ from 0.3ha to 0.95ha.

To rezone the subject properties from the RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing zone to the RM5 – Medium Density Multiple Housing zone to facilitate the development of multiple dwelling housing.

To amend the Official Community Plan to change the future land use designation to PARK – Major Park/Open Space and MRC – Multiple Unit/Residential - Cluster Housing and rezone the subject property to RH3 – Hillside Cluster Housing, RU2h – Medium Lot Housing (Hillside Area), and P3 – Parks and Open Space to facilitate a future residential subdivision.

To rezone the subject property from C4 – Urban Centre Commercial to C4rcs -Urban Centre Commercial (Retail Cannabis Sales) to allow for a retail cannabis sales establishment.

To amend the Official Community Plan to change the future land use designation of the subject properties from MRM – Multiple Unit Residential Medium Density to MXR – Mixed Use Residential / Commercial and rezone the subject properties from the RU2 – Medium Lot Housing zone to the C7 – Central Business Commercial zone to facilitate the development of a 6 storey apartment building with the potential for live/work units on the ground floor.

To close a 185.8 square metre portion of lane for consolidation with the adjacent properties.

To rezone the subject property from RU1-Large Lot Housing to RU1C- Large Lot Housing with Carriage House to facilitate the construction of a carriage house.

(a)​     Brief description of the application by City Staff (Community Planning);

(b)     The applicant is requested to make representation to Council regarding the project and is encouraged to limit their presentation to 15 minutes.

(c)     The Chair will call for representation from the public in attendance as follows:

    (i)     The microphone at the public podium has been provided for any person(s) wishing to make representation at the Hearing.

     (ii)     The Chair will recognize ONLY speakers at the podium.

     (iii)     Speakers are encouraged to limit their remarks to 5 minutes, however, if they have additional information they may address Council again after all other members of the public have been heard a first time.

(d)     Once the public has had an opportunity to comment, the applicant is given an opportunity to respond to any questions raised.  The applicant is requested to keep the response to a total of 10 minutes maximum.

(e)     Questions by staff by members of Council must be asked before the Public Hearing is closed and not during debate of the bylaw at the Regular Meeting, unless for clarification.

(f)     Final calls for respresentation (ask three times).  Unless Council directs that the Public Hearing on the bylaw in question be held open, the Chair shall state to the gallery that the Public Hearing on the Bylaw is closed.

Note:  Any applicant or member of the public may use visual aids (e.g. photographs, sketches, slideshows, etc.) to assist in their presentation or questions.  The computer and ELMO document camera at the public podium are available.  Please ask staff for assistance prior to your item if required.