Agricultural Advisory Committee

Virtual Meeting - Teams



(a)    The purpose of this Meeting is to consider certain Development Applications as noted on this meeting Agenda.

(b)    The Reports to Committee concerning the subject development applications are available on the City's website at

(c)     All representations to the Agricultural Advisory Committee form part of the public record.

(d)     As an Advisory Committee of Council, the Agricultural Advisory Committee will make a recommendation of support or non-support for each application as part of the public process.  City Council will consider the application at a future date and, depending on the nature of the file, will make a decision or a recommendation to the Agricultural Land Commission.

​Approve Minutes of the Meeting of March 10, 2022.

To consider an application to move an existing house on the subject property and construct an addition to accommodate 2 seasonal farm workers.

To consider a non-adhering residential use permit to allow temporary farm help housing to accommodate 35 seasonal farm workers on the subject property.

May 12, 2022