City of Kelowna
Regular Council Meeting

Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street

The Oath of Office will be read by Councillor Donn.

Public Hearing - February 23, 2021

Mayor to invite anyone participating online who deems themselves affected by the required variance(s) to indicate they wish to speak for each item.

To adopt Bylaw No. 12064 in order to rezone the subject property from the RU1 - Large Lot Housing zone to the RU2 -Medium Lot Housing zone.

To amend at third reading and adopt Bylaw No. 12142 in order to rezone the subject property from the RU1- Large Lot Housing zone to the HD3 - Health Services Transitional zone.

To consider the form and character of a new mixed-use building in the Heritage Conservation Area; to vary the maximum site coverage of driveways and parking areas, and to vary the minimum landscape buffer requirements for the side yard and rear yard setback areas.