Civic & Community Awards Steering Committee


Meeting #:
Parkinson Recreation Centre
Gala Boardroom
1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna, BC
Members Present
  • Wayne Moore
  • Michael Loewen
  • Ellen Boelcke
  • Recreation Technician, Amber Gilbert
Members Absent
  • Councillor, Maxine DeHart
  • Cheryl Miller
  • Caroline Grover
  • Dawn Wilkinson
Staff Present
  • Legislative Coordinator (Confidential)

The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.


Moved By Wayne Moore/Seconded by Councillor Donn

  • ​THAT the Minutes of the February 13, 2019 Airport Advisory Committee meeting be adopted.


Roundtable on the night from the committee members Mayor’s reception and the gala


Mayor’s reception; Font size of slides small, food fantastic, venue size larger hard to mingle.


City’s press release came out early to allow media time to prepare story, Need to ensure press embargo was present.


Length voice overs getting longer as night progressed.

Music behind the names popping up at start of video


Would like to see more of the community coming to support their peers.

Those handing out the awards more of a role

Consider awards for diversity and inclusivity

Consider more than one winner in the future for each category

Poster of moment in time of the winners as part of recognition.

Staff provided background on the challenges with video review. Links to videos are available to all finalists


Banner – city well done, length of voiceovers getting too long.


Staff liaison will complete post-awards follow up with sponsors


Discussion on completion of nominations and having enough information to make informed decisions. Discussed the bios being done prior to selection committee


Selection committee orientation, level of commitment, option to split the review into two nights businesses and then citizens.


Length of the reception: ways to shorten as over an hour and a half. Gender neutral categories would assist in decreasing the number and length of videos.


Staff liaison will complete follow up with Young Volunteer finalists and recipients, and

the Teen Honour recipient to arrange scholarship cheques.


Discussion on choosing a winner vs. celebrating finalists – also allows opportunity to combine the two events.


Discussion on how to feature nominees and chance to build online media to showcase video and what is coming up. Capturing their acceptance speech and posting online to increase the celebration beyond the event.


Broadcast the event on local online media.


Deterring repetitive winners and focus on positive recognition.


Consider recognizing other programs at the awards

 e.g. Strong Neighbourhoods Program winners


Youth – encouraging more peers nominating peers and connecting earlier with student groups in September.


Lighting of the video screens dark at the start of the evening.


Wine sponsor, consider beer sponsorship


Staff will take feedback and bring group back to share work being done prior to presenting update to Council in late spring.

Old Business


There are no upcoming meeting dates.

The Chair declared the meeting terminated at 10:30 a.m.

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