City of Kelowna

Regular Council Meeting


Meeting #:
Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street
Members Present
  • Mayor Tom Dyas, 
  • Councillor Ron Cannan, 
  • Councillor Maxine DeHart, 
  • Councillor Charlie Hodge, 
  • Councillor Gord Lovegrove, 
  • Councillor Mohini Singh, 
  • Councillor Luke Stack, 
  • Councillor Rick Webber, 
  • Councillor Loyal Wooldridge, 
  • Doug Gilchrist, 
  • City Clerk, Stephen Fleming, 
  • and Legislative Coordinator (Confidential) 

Mayor Dyas called the meeting to order at 

  • Moved ByCouncillor Hodge
    Seconded ByCouncillor Wooldridge

    THAT the Minutes of the Regular AM Meeting of May 1, 2023 be confirmed as circulated. 



-  Displayed a PowerPoint Presentation.

-  Reviewed previous workshops.

-  Reviewed cost centres and competing priorities.

-  Provided a parks cost centre overview.

-  Reviewed park categories and cost centres.

-  Reviewed funding sources for parks cost centre.

-  Reviewed service drivers.

-  Reviewed challenges to the parks plan.

-  Reviewed current park projects.

-  Reviewed the current acquisition plan for parks.

-  New and growth projects were reviewed.

-  Reviewed the three cost options for parks.

Responded to questions from Council.


  • Moved ByCouncillor Hodge
    Seconded ByCouncillor Lovegrove

    THAT Council receives, for information, the report from Financial Services dated May 8th, 2023, with

    respect to this year’s annual update to the 10-Year Capital Plan with focus on the Parks Cost Centre;

    AND THAT Council direct staff to proceed with the approach recommended in Option B for the

    Parks Cost Centre for inclusion in this update to the 10-Year Capital Plan;

    AND FURTHER THAT Staff return to Council with the comprehensive 10-Year Capital Plan that

    balances all capital cost centres prior to final endorsement.


The meeting adjourned to a closed session at 

​The meeting reconvened to an open session at 

​​The meeting was declared terminated at