Civic & Community Awards Steering Committee


Meeting #:
Virtual Meeting - Teams
Members Present
  • Wayne Moore
  • Ellen Boelcke
Members Absent
  • Councillor, Maxine DeHart
  • Cheryl Miller
  • Caroline Grover
  • Michael Loewen
  • Dawn Wilkinson
  • Recreation Technician, Amber Gilbert
Staff Present
  • Legislative Coordinator (Confidential)

The Chair called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m.


Moved by Bob Burge seconded by Wayne Moore

  • ​THAT the Minutes of the November 25th Agriculture Advisory Committee meeting be adopted.



- Provided an overview of key dates to the season.

- Youth nominations were extended to February 19th as one application was received to date.

- Outreach to school district including the District Superintendent has taken place.

- Reviewed the timeline to Council.

- Responded to questions from the Committee.

- Provided an overview of the social media campaign in April.


- Reviewed the commitments from sponsors.

- Scholarship from UBCO is continuing.

- Thomas Bud is also reconfirmed for scholarship for the Young Citizen of the Year.

- Reconfirmed the dates for the awarding of nominations to the finalists being added to the agenda and being announced to Council.mportant dates email will be circulated to the Committee members.

Staff provided a presentation and outlined the nominations received to date.

- Discussion ensured from the Committee regarding the nominations.

Staff responded to questions from the Committee.

The Committee reviewed the Coach/Admin category.

Staff confirmed that City staff are eligible for nomination of a Civic and Community Award.

Staff thanked the Nominating Committee for their assistance, Wayne Moore and Dorothee Birker.

The Committee reviewed nominees being nominated more than once over a number of years.

The Chair expressed support? on the number of Volunteer organizations that were nominated

The Committee reviewed the Nominee evaluation matrix.

Reviewed the length of content submitted by applicants.

Staff responded to questions from the Committee.

The concept of the Mayor's Reception was reviewed. The opportunity to do a function later in 2021 was discussed.

Staff confirmed that there were no Teams submitted for nomination.

The Chair confirmed that Committee will support the social campaign wherever possible

The next meeting date is scheduled for April XX, 2021.

The Chair declared the meeting terminated at 12:50.

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