City of Kelowna

Meeting #:
Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street
Members Present
  • Mayor Colin Basran
  • Councillor Maxine DeHart
  • Councillor Ryan Donn
  • Councillor Gail Given
  • Councillor Charlie Hodge
  • Councillor Brad Sieben
  • Councillor Mohini Singh
  • Councillor Luke Stack
  • Councillor Loyal Wooldridge
Staff Present
  • City Clerk, Stephen Fleming
  • Council Recording Secretary, Arlene McClelland
  • Doug Gilchrist
  • Laura Bentley, Deputy City Clerk

Mayor Basran called the meeting to order at 737 p.m.

The Oath of Office was read by Councillor Sieben.

  • Moved ByCouncillor Wooldridge
    Seconded ByCouncillor Donn

    THAT the Minutes of the Public Hearing and Regular Meeting of April 20, 2021 be confirmed as circulated.​



- Displayed a PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the application and responded to questions from Council.

Geoff MacKay, 1327 St Paul Street and Andrew Ambrozy, Manhatten Drive  Applicant,

-.application before council has been a year in the making, pandemic was an issue.  

- Positive with working with Planning staff.

- package before Council speaks for itself.  Argus operations, will own and operate this building.  Extension of th Mall that we own and operate.  want to do the right thing.  Have extensive residential portfolio.  it is a great site, busy urban centre on a transit corridor.  Live work and play. area. Densification is in line with the OCP.

height variance, asked for mainly to reduce footprint and parking.  gave us the density we required to get the height, 40 surplus stalls, did not need to do underground.  as property redevelops over the need sees the need for underground parking important.  still have 40 surplus stalls.  Long term goal is to create affordable rental housing in the Rutland area. Would like to get into construction this summer.

- Responded to questions from Council.

- over 60% is micro suites.  will need place to recreate as units are so small.  

amenity space is made up of private balconies with rood top amenity and ground amenity.  the goal to create an affordable rental and reduced the amenity space for affordability.  Will target what market rents are.

Council - small balconies with small micro suites.  what lead you to that blend? May find challenge with turnover due to lack of space.  50/50 mix of bigger and smaller balconies.  challenges in the seasonal and hospitality market.

Mayor Basran invited anyone participating online who deemed themselves affected to indicate they wish to speak followed by comments from Council.

Online Participants:

Wesley Shennan, 401 200 Hollywood Road

- in general support of this application.

- Compared it to another devleopment less than a block away which is quite deficient.

- Accedssto this proposal is very good from Hollywood Road and Hwy 33.  

- Good access for emergency vehicles.

- Good characteristics.

- Shade and noise created by this property is not an issue.

- In support of the application.

There were no further comments.

  • Moved ByCouncillor Sieben
    Seconded ByCouncillor Singh

    THAT Council authorizes the issuance of Development Permit No. DP20-0055 and Development Variance Permit No. DVP20-0056 for Lot B Sections 26 and 27 Township 26 ODYD Plan 30302, located at 590 Highway 33 West, Kelowna, BC subject to the following:

    1. The dimensions and siting of the building to be constructed on the land be in accordance with Schedule “A,”

    2. The exterior design and finish of the building to be constructed on the land, be in accordance with Schedule “B”;

    3. Landscaping to be provided on the land be in accordance with Schedule “C”;

    4. The applicant be required to post with the City a Landscape Performance Security deposit in the form of a “Letter of Credit” in the amount of 125% of the estimated value of the landscaping, as determined by a Registered Landscape Architect;

    AND THAT a variance to the following section of Zoning Bylaw No. 8000 be granted:

    Section 14.4.5(c): C4Urban Centre Commercial Development Regulations

    To vary building height from the lesser of 15.0 m or 4 storeys permitted to 22.6 m or 6 storeys proposed.

    AND FURTHER THAT this Development Permit and Development Variance Permit is valid for two (2) years from the date of Council approval, with no opportunity to extend.



The meeting was declared terminated at 819 p.m.