City of Kelowna

Regular Council Meeting


Meeting #:
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
6:00 P.m. - 10:00 P.m.
Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street

Visited2.Reaffirmation of Oath of Office

The Oath of Office will be read by Councillor Singh.

Visited3.Confirmation of MinutesAttachment Icon

Public Hearing - November 15, 2016.
Regular Meeting - November 15, 2016.

Visited4.1BL11272 (OCP16-0009) Civic Precinct Plan Implementation Attachment Icon

To give Bylaw No. 11272 second and third readings in order to amend the Official Community  Plan to introduce Design Guidelines for the form and character of development in the Civic Precinct Plan Area and to amend Future Land Use Map 4.1 of the OCP to change portions of five sites to the MXR Mixed-Use Residential / Commercial Designation to support enhanced activity and vibrancy as outlined in the Council endorsed Civic Precinct Plan.

Visited4.3875 & 885 Mayfair Road, BL11308 (Z16-0035) - Onkar & Ranjit Dhillon and 0872645 BC Ltd Attachment Icon

To give Bylaw No. 11308 second and third readings in order to rezone the suject properties to facilitiate a three lot subdivision.

Visited5.Notification of Meeting

The City Clerk will provide information as to how the following items on the Agenda were publicized.​

Visited6.1468 Barkley Road, BL11208 (Z15-0067) - Wayne HeinenAttachment Icon

To adopt Bylaw No. 11208 in order to rezone the subject property to facilitate the development of a carriage house.

Visited6.2468 Barkley Road, DP15-0312 & DVP15-0313 - Wayne HeinenAttachment Icon
City Clerk to state for the record any correspondence received.  Mayor to invite anyone in the public gallery who deems themselves affected by the required variance(s) to come forward.

To consider three (3) variances to convert an existing accessory dwelling to a carriage house.