City of Kelowna
Regular Council Meeting

Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street

The Oath of Office will be read by Councillor Given.

Public Hearing, July 13, 2021

Regular Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Mayor to invite anyone participating online or in the public gallery who deems themselves affected by the required variance(s) to come forward for each item.

To vary the front yard setback for an accessory building from 9.0m required to 6.15m proposed and to vary the height of an accessory building from 4.8m permitted to 5.3m proposed to facilitate an addition to an existing accessory building.

To adopt Bylaw No. 12214 in order to rezone the subject property from the RR1 - Rural Residential 1 zone to the RR1c - Rural Residential 1 with Carriage House zone. 

To consider a Development Variance Permit to vary the maximum upper floor storey area of a carriage house from 75% of the footprint permitted to 82% proposed.

To amend at third reading and adopt Bylaw No. 12191 in order to rezone the subject property from the RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing zone to the C4 – Urban Centre Commercial zone.