City of Kelowna
Public Hearing

Council Chamber
City Hall, 1435 Water Street


The purpose of the Hearing is to hear from the public on matters contained in the various bylaws which, if adopted, will amend Kelowna 2030 - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 10500 and Zoning Bylaw No. 8000.

After the close of the Public Hearing, Council will then debate and vote on the proposed bylaws at the Regular Meeting that follows.

Council has been provided with the information, correspondence, petitions or reports that have been received concerning the subject bylaws. This information is available to the public online at or by request to the Office of the City Clerk.

For those participating this evening, or who have already submitted letters to Council, a reminder that this Hearing is open to the public and all representations to Council form part of the public record. A live audio-video feed is being broadcast and recorded on

In accordance with Order of the Provincial Health Officer on Gatherings and Events, applicants and the public are not permitted to attend in person.  Participation by applicants and the public will be by electronic means only.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Following the close of the Public Hearing, no further information from the applicant or members of the public will be accepted by Council.

To rezone 70 properties in the Hospital Area to the RU7 – Infill Housing zone and to change the future land use designation of these lots to SIH – Sensitive Infill Housing to accompany the change in zone. Also, to consider rezoning 44 additional properties to the RU7- Infill Housing zone that had previously been identified as having high potential to be incorporated in the zone.

Requires a majority of all members of Council (5).

To give Bylaw No. 12188 a second and third reading and adopt in order to change the future land use designations of the subject properties from the S2RES - Single/Two Unit Residential designation to the SIH - Sensitive Infill Housing designation.

To give Bylaw No. 12189 a second and third reading and adopt in order to rezone the subject properties from the RU6 - Two Dwelling Housing zone to the RU7 - Infill Housing zone.

(a)​     Brief description of the application by City Staff (Development Planning);

(b)     The applicant has up to 15 minutes to make representation to Council regarding the project.

(c)     The Chair will call for representation from the public participating online as follows:

    (i)     Any person wishing to make representation during the Hearing will have the opportunity to do so.

     (ii)     Speakers have up to 5 minutes to share their remarks.

(d)     Final calls for representation (ask three times).  Unless Council directs that the Public Hearing on the bylaw in question be held open, the Chair shall state to participants that the Public Hearing on the Bylaw is closed.

(e)     Once the public has had an opportunity to comment, the applicant is given up to 10 minutes to respond to any questions raised.

(f)     Questions of staff by members of Council must be asked before the Public Hearing is closed and not during debate of the bylaw at the Regular Meeting, unless for clarification.

Note:  Any applicant or member of the public may use electronic visual aids to assist in their presentation or questions. The participant must be able to share their screen to display the item.